Sacred Cacao & uplifting ceremonial songs and chants

Perjantaina 25.10. klo 19:00 – 22:00

We are so happy to share with you this experience ♥

Welcome to enjoy heartwarming cacao ceremony, uplifting music and songs by Alex and Kaushalya Vishenkamatrioshka (Jagaspace).

We start the evening with a beautiful ritual – celebrate, drink ceremonial cacao and sing together.
We will play the drums and go deep to the rhythms of the cacao spirit.

This is natural, pure cacao – Criolla that has a stimulating effect on our body without increasing blood pressure. Cocoa contains a substance that makes us happy (activates the production of endorphins) and makes our heart beat faster. The Mayans, who discovered the wonderful qualities of cacao, called it the drink of the gods.

Price: 25€

Questions: jagaspace.gongspa@gmail.com