JagaSpace – Drum circle for beginners

Torstaina 7.6 Klo. 18.15 – 19.45


Frame drum workshop lead by Kaushalya and Alex (Jagaspace GongSPA)

”We are back from our long travel in Turkey and Greece. We get educated about middle-asian drum rhythms and how to make your own drum. We have 10 frame drums with us and wish to share with you this beautiful experience to play together.

In this workshop you get basic knowledges how to play framedrum and learn some nice rythms.

If you have your own frame drum, bring it with you.”

– Jagaspace-

This is simple and joyful.

IMPORTANT that everyone have a drum. Please let us know if you have your own drum. We can offer drums for 10 people.

Price 20 euros